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Adventure Travel Television Series

Intro to "Re-habbing in D/FW"
This series will be a thirty minute informative, instructional, mentoring, Reality TV experience into the House Flipping - Re-Habbing - Loan Seeking - Frustrating and highly rewarding world of real estate Investing in the Dallas / Fort Worth metroplex.
We will explore each week with a investor, be it a group, a couple, or a single person, their experiences as they negotiate through the maize of opportunities, the loan process, the evaluation of a interesting property, re-habbing, and the myriad of sales techniques used to profitably turn over your house.
We will stay with this subject throughout their experience, from finding the property, all the way through to it's successful sale or failure. We will explain and explore all the mistakes and successes. There will be continuing stories on several investors at the same time. Personal side issues, individual weaknesses, joyous successes, and explosive temper tantrum setbacks. Re-Habbing in D/FW will have laughter, tears, and anger, and friendship, most of all learning, growth, and reward. We will record it all.
Leading us on this journey each week will be the well known real estate mentor Jim Watkins of DFW MENTOR.COM
Jim Watkins DFW Mentor
Jim Watkins has been a Real Estate Investor since 1999. He was unhappy with his career in corporate America and decided a change was needed. Real Estate Investing became his new career.
After spending the past two and a half years with Addison based, Foreclosure Listing Service, he accepted the chance to join Kaplan Professional Schools in March of 2006 as a TREC Certified Instructor.
With Foreclosure Listing Service, Jim served as the Director of Mentoring, Senior Instructor, wrote and taught six different classes during his time with FLS.

In addition to teaching three of his classes for MCE Realtor Credit for Kaplan, Jim recently opened his new DFW Mentor office in Carrollton, where he teaches the following:
Flipping: Abandoned & Distressed Properties
Property Mgmt: ABC's of CYA
Real Estate Investing 101  - Free Class
Pre-Foreclosures: Success with Homeowners
Jim's personal successes in real estate investing has made him uniquely qualified to oversee and operate the Real Estate Mentoring Program. The Mentoring program provides both personal and group mentoring to new and experienced investors.  With his personal investment experience and market knowledge, Jim shares invaluable insight and strategies, which gives his students a leading edge on successful real estate investing.
Since Jim has been investing in real estate, he has gained personal insight into the following specialized areas:  pre-foreclosures, buying at public auctions, bank short sales, lease options, warranty deeds, flipping, rehabbing, single-family and multi unit property management, mobile homes and his specialty - Abandoned houses.
His style of instructing is very popular as he blends personal experiences, needed information, student participation and common sense into an education his students can apply in today's Texas market.
His classes offered at Kaplan Professional Schools are TREC approved for Realtor MCE credit.
In addition to classes he wrote, Jim teaches MCE Legal & Ethics on select dates.
Re-Habbing in D/FW will seek as it's sponsors a wide viriaty of sponsors.
Only some of whom are:
Real Estate Agencies
Contractors i.e.
   Foundation companies
   Cleaning services
   Lawn services
   Pest control services
   Suppliers - Home Depot, Lowe's, etc.
   Auto and truck dealers
Banks and Loan Companies
Investment Groups
Insurance Agencies
and more.
The carrier will be a high power independent TV Station such as Channel 39, and the viewership will encompass the huge community of investors, and house flippers in the D/FW market as well as the addicted reality show fan base of a large demographic in the TV viewing audience.
Continuing aggressive PR work in print, Internet post's (such as Craig's List), presence at all of the well attended investment groups, intriguing trailers shown by the TV Station, and other venues of advertising will insure that the entire TV viewing audience in Dallas / Fort Worth will be aware of the series.
There are definite national syndication possibilities in this series.
Production of this series will require a on-going budget of approximately $38,700 a week, production will be year round resulting in about 26 new shows a year at $77,400 each.

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